Our Clients:


We work with the leading industry players in each of their sectors. These are just some of the highlights for the type of customers that we work with:

  • One of largest marketing agencies in Canada and was acquired by a major Chinese Marketing agency for $280 million

  • Founding members were from Twitter, Google and have raised over $65 million in the research of DNA testing

  • Leading Earth Imagery Technology company based in Western Canada

  • Automobile accessory company based in San Francisco that was acquired for over $280 million by a Satellite Radio organization

  • Series C company with over $100 million in investment and leading the charge in the Customer Service Industry with Korea/San Fran offices

  • SF Based AI Machine learning speech startup with over $65 million in funding

  • SF Based Drone company and at one point had pre-sales of $25 million

  • US based E-Discovery organization, a leader in it's field with over $100 million in funding and have global expansion plans in sight

  • NY based organization with over $100 million in revenue and leaders in the actionable insight industry for call centers

  • Recently IPO company with founding members from Waterloo Canada and based in San Fransico that has profoundly made changes to the devops world

Here are some of the past roles that we have filled including:

  • Sr UI/Front End Engineer

  • React Native Engineer

  • Director of Software Engineer

  • Sr UI Eng Manager

  • SLAM Engineer

  • Data Engineer

  • ML/AI Engineer

  • Staff Security Engineer

  • Tech Program Manager

  • Release Manager

  • Cloud Automation Tester

  • Mobile iOS/Android Engineer

  • Director of Security Application

  • Embedded Software Engineer

  • Computer Vision Engineer

  • Sales Engineer

  • Sr UX Designer

  • Product Manager

  • Vp of Eng.


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