Our Clients:


We work with the leading industry players in each of their sectors. These are just some of the highlights for the type of customers that we work with:

  • One of largest marketing agencies in Canada and was acquired by a major Chinese Marketing agency for $280 million 
  • Founding members were from Twitter, Google and have raised over $65 million in the research of DNA testing
  • Leading Earth Imagery Technology company based in Western Canada with over $50 million in revenue
  • Automobile accessory company based in San Francisco that was acquired for over $280 million by a Satellite Radio organization
  • Series A company with over $20 million in investment and leading the charge in the Customer Service Industry with Korea/San Fran offices
  • SF Based AI Machine learning speech startup with over $65 million in funding
  • SF Based Drone company and at one point had pre-sales of $25 million 
  • US based E-Discovery organization, a leader in it's field with over $100 million in funding and have global expansion plans in sight
  • NY based organization with over $100 million in revenue and leaders in the actionable insight industry for call centers

Here are some of the past roles that we have filled including:

  • Sr Front End Engineer
  • Software Developer in Test
  • Automation Tester
  • Mobile iOS/Android Engineer
  • Director of Security Application
  • Embedded Software Engineer
  • A.I Engineer
  • Computer Vision Engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • Sr UX Designer
  • Product Manager
  • Vp of Eng.
  • Recruiter
  • HR Director


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