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  • LEVERAGE THIS POWERFUL HIRING METHOD: Your company's bottom-line can heavily benefit from a diverse team and we know how to get you there. We've done it before, and we'll use our proven Diversity Sourcing process, adapt it to your specific criteria to get you your own diverse team. 

  • A SUREFIRE WAY TO HIRE CREATIVITY : We carefully source creative, diverse individuals with interesting backgrounds that will bring innovative and insightful thinking to your company, propelling it in the direction of ↗.

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  • GUARANTEED INNOVATION : Research has shown that diversity in the workplace equals to greater performance. In fact, “Gender-diverse companies perform 15% better than the industry median and ethnically-diverse companies perform 35% better.”

  • IMPROVED WORKPLACE REPRESENTATION : Your customers are diverse, and having diverse representation in your company, even if you do not see it now, can go a long way into positioning your company as a leader in equality, inclusion and solidarity, all values that your customers likely advocate for. 

  • CREATIVITY AT THE WORKPLACE : Bestselling author and Wharton School of Business Professor Adam Grant has, through research, seen a strong correlation between teams of diverse individuals and higher levels of creativity, due to the fact that having a breadth of different experiences and knowledge often leads to more creative ideas and innovative thinking that is the backbone of any growing and disruptive company. Start building your creative team today.

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Once we figure out your diversity and inclusion initiatives, we will dive straight into our proven diversity sourcing methodology: 

  1. DIVERSITY TALENT MAPPING : We consider position/title/diversity/location preferences among other factors.

  2. OPTION 1> DIVERSITY SPEC SHEET : We will create a spec sheet for your approval with exact contact details of qualified applicants your internal recruitment team can use as a database to continue the recruitment process.

  3. OPTION 2 > DIVERSITY IN ATS + SCREENING : We will create a pipeline of candidates readily available for your review in your ATS. These candidates will all be personally vetted and screened before they are inputted in your ATS.

Both options are great to help you speed up your process of identifying diverse groups of candidates in any areas.

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