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  • IMMEDIATE HELP : 100% Fulfillment of your immediate hiring needs.

  • GREATER HIRING CAPACITY : Providing you extra bandwidth on the fly.

  • PROFESSIONALISM : Acting as a solid extension of your recruitment team.

  • INSTANT SOLUTION : Ideal for short-term engagements. For long-term engagements please click here

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FLEXIBLE CONTRACTS ‌• rapid turnaround


  • FAST SET-UP : Our Sprint Sourcing is a strategic way to identify candidates with their contact information 

  • FLEXIBLE CONTRACTS : Our contracts are flexible, and you can you hire us on an at-will basis for a min of 3 weeks.

  • RAPID TURNAROUND : Receive a curated list of qualified candidates within 3 weeks of sourcing and a max of 5 weeks (Best recommended)

how does it work


you call us, qualify us, and we'll qualify your A-Team


  1. REACH OUT : Speak with a SourceDirect expert today or when you're ready to take advantage of our service.

  2. PLAN & STRATEGIZE : Work with your SourceDirect team to map out a recruitment strategy that's custom-fit to your company's recruitment needs and timeline.

  3. STAY INVOLVED : Stay involved as much as you like, we work with you as a solid unit to ensure your requests and priorities are always in our pipeline and delivered on time.


How much does it cost?

We bill per hour for our time but we have our spring sourcing model is design to have maximum input and maximum output at 5 weeks max.

We also offer longer term contracts if you need us, please contact us to discuss.


I'm interested in trying SourceDirect out but what's the minimum commitment?

What we find works best is if you give us the opportunity to work on one of your difficult roles and one of your mid range roles at the same time. This way we’ll start getting traction on both and you’ll start to see candidates. Please expect a minimum of 3 weeks in order to see some traction.


How long before I see candidates for my roles?

Generally we start to see the first sourced candidates for a role after 3 weeks of strong sourcing. 


What kinds of roles do you work on?

We work on all types of roles! Please contact us for more info!


Who are the recruiters who work on my projects?

Generally it’s a team of 2 people per project. We involve a sourcer and a recruiter partner to help you navigate and set expectations out so we can fill the role as a team.


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